Driveway Paving At Its Best

Since 1960, our paving company has worked to deliver the best results to each and every customer we work with. Our team has spent decades perfecting our services such as driveway paving for New Hampshire homes, delivering complete quality and long-term value that is sure to impress you on a daily basis.

Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC will be able to deliver the full scope of services for your project, including:

  • Surveying and site mapping – Properly assessing your property before breaking ground will help our asphalt contractors
  • Demolition and removal – Relying on skid steers and dump trucks, our paving company is able to quickly clear out your existing driveway system.
  • Grading and sloping – Modern tech has allowed us to perform fast, precise results with our earthwork services. Proper slopes allow for ideal drainage for your asphalt driveway.
  • Sub-base preparations – Assessing and conditioning your soil properly before laying down blacktop is essential for long-term integrity. Our team will moisturize and compact your soils before moving onto the next step. We even do extra checks to ensure proper support!
  • Placing the base – A rigid layer of aggregate will be used to provide stability on top of your prepared soils, setting the stage for driveway paving.
  • Asphalt paving – Once everything is ready for business, our team will get to work delivering fresh asphalt for your home. This process is quick, effective, and will leave you with a beautiful blacktop.
  • Securing joints and transitions – Your new asphalt driveway will likely connect to the edge of your garage, the main street adjacent to your property, and so on. This stage will focus on asphalt joints, which are inherently weaker than fully rolled slabs.
  • Finish rolling – Once all of the material has been rolled, the second lift of your asphalt will be finished for an amazing appearance, minimizing bumps and high points in the process.

Ideal Designs

After more than 50 years in the industry, R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC has the training and experience needed to provide a perfect fit for your home. We perform driveway paving services on New Hampshire homes of all types and sizes, and will be able to work with you to develop the best fit for your property and your budget. Have a special goal for your asphalt? Planning on installing a shed next to your driveway? Let us know, and our paving contractors will be able to deliver the best results to match your vision.

Smooth Results

After our driveway paving team has delivered the mix, paved it, and finished it, what you will be left with is a surface that performs amazingly while looking great season after season. Many clients judge the quality of their paving contractors by the final finish, which is where R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC can shine!

Driveway Maintenance Services

Once your new driveway is installed, you will soon be able to make full use of it. It is important to note that asphalt sealcoating is not recommended for the first few months. Your new asphalt will need time to cure. Winters in New Hampshire can be brutal, pushing many homeowners to seek out asphalt contractors for quality protection. Heavy snow, extensive freezing and thawing, and heavy use can all work to deteriorate your new blacktop, so be sure you are ready for the worst with driveway sealcoating services from R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC.

Our local paving contractors recommend waiting roughly six months to seal your new surface, and then sealing your driveway every few years for optimal protection. Regular driveway maintenance can do much to protect the integrity of your blacktop, preserving the aggregates and oil to create long-term cohesion, leaving you with decades of quality use.

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