Asphalt is a smooth, quiet ride that provides a wide range of advantages for modern consumers. From highways and airport taxiways to the pavement outside your New Hampshire home, asphalt is everywhere. Many homeowners are aware that asphalt is a top material for commercial and residential use, yet few realize just how convenient and cost-effective it can be.

If you are here seeking out driveway paving in Chester or the surrounding areas, R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC is here and ready to help. For decades, our local paving specialists have worked to perfect our services, from driveway installations to sidewalks and beyond. We proudly staff a team of reliable trucks for all of your soil and asphalt needs!

One viewpoint we encounter with our driveway paving services across New Hampshire is that asphalt drives are not worth the time, money, or effort. Read more below to learn about the advantages that asphalt can provide your home before calling today!

Fast Results

Our team of technicians will quickly dump, pave, and roll your new asphalt into place quickly and precisely. The result for you is less downtime and more enjoyment. Asphalt can be walked on, and even driven on, within hours of being placed (though not recommended). In most cases, your new blacktop will be cured and rigid within two days. This can be very advantageous compared to concrete, which will not yield enough compressive strength for seven days. Even then, it can take weeks for your concrete driveway to fully cure.

R. Cooper & Sons is proud to provide the best results in Chester and beyond. Many of our customers think that asphalt paving is an intensive process, as numerous machines and specialty tools are needed. Our team will arrive and get everything done as expediently as possible. Call today for an estimate and a time frame for your home paving needs!

Easy Maintenance

Once your beautiful driveway is installed, it will fall on you to care for it for the best performance. Regular sweeping operations can do much to keep your surfaces clean, and routine driveway sealcoating can help to further protect your asphalt from degradation. Our team can work with you to develop a care plan that provides long-lasting protection for your investment. Since 1960, our team has delivered comprehensive quality, and our asphalt maintenance programs ensure that you are happy with the results for years to come.

Flexible Performances

The science and engineering being asphalt helps to make it a versatile choice when it comes to flexibility. Consisting of sand, gravel, and aggregates in combination with a small percentage of oil, your mat will be rigid enough for traffic while being soft enough to avoid cracks, shearing, and other

Weathered Protection

Unlike concrete, which can become brittle and weak during harsh winters, asphalt is able to retain cohesion for long-lasting protection that helps you to keep the elements out. When you factor in ice salts and other chemical agents used in New Hampshire throughout the winter, it can be easy to see why some homeowners are worried about the damages that their vehicles can bring home. Asphalt is naturally resistant to these issues, performing well regardless of the conditions.

The texture of this material also allows for better resistance to skids, reduces moisture splashback, and absorbs heat to better resist ice and snow accumulation.

Simple Repairs

While asphalt is made to be durable, it will eventually crack over the years. When it does, rest easy knowing that your driveway repair experts are on the job! Minor cracks can be sealed to prevent future damages, with some homeowners seeking out DIY projects to get the job done. More serious damages can be fixed by our experienced paving contractors, who will map out the areas in need of repair and offer fast results. Asphalt can easily be cut, cleaned, treated, and ready for a new batch of hot mix.

Beautiful Outcomes

Ultimately, driveway paving for your New Hampshire home can provide a high level of beauty and quality throughout your property. R. Cooper & Sons Paving understands the true pride and value that comes from creating high-quality curb appeal for your property. Our asphalt contractors in Chester will leave your home with an efficient beautiful, durable, product that will provide support for all of your family’s activities. We work on projects of all sizes, and our team is here and trained to deliver an amazing outcome that perfectly meets your expectations.

Many homeowners in Chester and beyond are not convinced that an asphalt driveway is worth it to them. R. Cooper & Sons Paving is here to tell you that driveway paving in New Hampshire is simple, efficient, and best of all, affordable. Asphalt is an economical material that is even more cost-effective due to its ease of management and installation. If you’re curious about the costs and demands of asphalt installation on your property, be sure to reach out to our driveway pavers for assistance. Call now!