For many homeowners across New Hampshire, that old gravel driveway is just not pulling its weight. From the continual maintenance demands to the poor visual outcomes, you are likely on this blog post because you are looking for driveway pavers in the area that can install asphalt because you are tired of your current situation. Since 1960, R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC has worked to be your trusted asphalt company in Chester, delivering long-lasting results that are as beautiful as they are affordable. Our driveway sealcoating, installation, resurfacing, and repair team is here and ready to help you find the best solution for your unique needs.

We’re dedicated to delivering the best services and education. Today, we’ll briefly highlight what you can expect when you order driveway paving for your New Hampshire home. If you are curious about the costs and demands of our asphalt paving services, be sure to call now for more information!

Step 1 – Demolition

In order to install a new driveway, your asphalt contractors will need to come in first and take out the old materials. R. Cooper & Sons will arrive at your property and get to work with our land clearance services to ensure that your driveway is clear and ready for future materials.

Oftentimes, this first stage includes breaking down the existing drive. Our contractors may utilize drills and hammers for concrete, along with heavy machinery for fast cleanup services. We often can clear an entire property with one skid steer! It is important to ensure that your subgrade is smooth, clean, and clear of any problems such as grease or standing water.

Step 2 – Grading

Finding the right slope for your driveway is essential, which is why our earthwork team will place a special emphasis on finding the perfect grade for your property. Failing to succeed in this endeavor can result in poor performances later on, leading to pooling, flooding, and possible foundation problems. Water control is an important piece of asphalt paving, and our team will ensure that you get the best angle for the price.

Step 3 – Soil Prep

One part of the job that seems to often receive little effort is the process of conditioning your soil for the best results. Asphalt relies on a rigid subgrade to provide stability across large surface areas, making it essential to ensure that your soil is in good condition before paving. Driveway pavers will normally utilize road bases that consist of smaller-sized gravel for consistent stability and low reactivity to moisture. Keep in mind that your soil type will also change the treatment demands and design specifications for your asphalt, so be sure to invest with a company that will deliver the right results the first time.

Step 4 – Compaction

Once your soils are in place and your road base has been laid, it’s important to ensure that everything is compacted for future reliability. Failing to properly compact your soils can create the opportunity for soft spots, damaging your new driveway and creating the need for serious repairs!

Our asphalt contractors will know exactly what is needed to produce a quality result for your New Hampshire home.

Step 5 – Selecting a Mix

Asphalt comes in many different design styles to better perform for unique situations. The chances are high that your home will not require any special mix designs, but that doesn’t mean options aren’t available to better enhance your property. The nominal aggregate size you choose will make a difference as well. ¾-inch mixtures will provide more strength while ½-inch designs create smoother, cleaner surfaces.

Step 6 – Paving Day

Everything has come into place, and now is the time to install your asphalt driveway. Our driveway pavers will arrive at your home on time with all of the vehicles needed to get the job done, including:

  • Trucks – Our fleet of dump trucks will supply fresh loads of hot asphalt to your property, keeping a preconfigured spacing to avoid traffic jams and mixture cooling.
  • Paving machine – These trucks will dump their materials into the front of our broadcast machine, which will spread and place the soft mixture while providing small amounts of compaction.
  • Rollers – Based on the size and complexity of your project, a number of compaction rollers will arrive onsite to follow the paving machine. Normally, you will see at least one big piece of equipment to “break down” the mat while a second, smaller roller comes in for final compactions and to create a smooth finish.

Ultimately, the quality of your driveway paving will depend on the skills and professionalism of your asphalt company. R. Cooper & Sons Paving is proud to rely on a proven system that provides amazing results for each and every client we work with. Our crew will be able to broadcast, compact, and finish your driveway in short order. Asphalt is best installed in lifts between two and three inches, with two layers providing adequate support for most roadway applications. Our team will also place the edges of your new asphalt driveway at an angle, to resist shearing damages and to assist with water dispersal.

The process of asphalt paving may seem complex, but paving companies with the right experience, equipment, and training can work to provide fast and cost-effective solutions for projects of all sizes. If you’re here seeking driveway paving for your New Hampshire home, R. Cooper & Sons Paving is ready to get the job done. Since 1960, we’ve worked hard to deliver quality results at the best prices. Contact us today to learn more about our services and our driveway pavers in Chester, then be sure to receive your project quote!