Investing in major home improvements can provide a plethora of benefits for your New Hampshire property, but the high costs can cause some concern. Investing in a new driveway, for example, will yield the best results if you find a local paving company that provides a comprehensive approach. Homeowners searching online for driveway paving in New Hampshire will be happy to work with R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC. For more than half a century, our driveway pavers have worked to provide comprehensive results that are tailored to meet your budget and exceed your expectations.

Quality is the keyword for those looking to invest in a major project such as driveway paving. R. Cooper & Sons Paving is here to provide complete quality for your new pavement, working from the ground up to deliver the best results for your home.

Starting in the Soil

All stable buildings and pavements begin in the feet below grade. The conditions of your soil at the time of your driveway paving will play a major role in the stability of your finished surface. Soils consisting of fatty clays and less structural silicae will perform poorly under heavy loads, and rapid temperature changes can lead to material expansion and contraction. The active moisture in the soil will play a role in the overall stability — water is a useful binding agent and can create cohesion for better compaction, but too much H2O can lead to oversaturation and pumping. Quality paving services include soil inspections, relying on experience and proper equipment to determine the best course of action.

As your trusted driveway pavers across New Hampshire, R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC is here to provide comprehensive support in the soil beneath your new asphalt. We’re ready to answer any questions and will communicate the best solutions for your project.

Creating a Stable Base

Once you have conditioned your soil to meet design specifications, it’s time to set the subgrade. In many cases, crushed aggregate can prove to be a cost-effective measure. Homeowners are often surprised to learn about materials such as recycled concrete, road base, and more.

For most residential applications, at least six inches of this base are recommended for stability and moisture mitigation. The depth of your asphalt paving (which we’ll cover soon) will determine the required base depth in conjunction with existing soil conditions.

Detailed Preparations

Driveway paving is much more than placing blacktop on a prepared soil surface. Small details pay big throughout a driveway project, such as the plane of your existing subgrade, the cohesion of your base, and proper application of tacking oils to prep the surfaces for paving.

Complete Driveway Paving

A full-depth driveway will give you the best results year after year. While you won’t be required to comply with highway regulations for depth, the thickness of your new asphalt will play a major role in its strength. It is standard practice to place asphalt in a minimum of two lifts. If you were planning on having a four-inch slab, for example, normal protocol may include:

  • The bottom lift – By placing three or four inches of loose asphalt and compacting it on the subgrade below, you will be left with the initial lift. This bottom lift will be covered by one or two rollers (or more in larger applications), compacting the asphalt into a semi-soft surface that is just over two inches in depth.
  • The top lift – Our driveway contractors will adjust the top lift’s depth based on the first layer, ensuring a quality outcome that is on par with the estimate given. In many cases, contractors can provide a mix with finer materials to create a top coat that is smoother.

Our team can create an ideal solution that matches your property’s size and style in addition to your goals and budget. Be sure to contact R. Cooper & Sons Paving for your consultation!

Versatile Solutions

Every home features its own challenges and triumphs, making it important for you to find a driveway paving company in New Hampshire with the training and experience needed to provide a complete solution for your unique project. Our asphalt contractors work hard to secure an ideal outcome for your home, and we’re happy to work with you to find personalized solutions for a comprehensive outcome.

Continual Support

After years of quality use, your asphalt may require driveway sealcoating services to ensure long-lasting beauty and protection. R. Cooper & Sons Paving is happy to work with you through your driveway installation and beyond, providing continual support to provide the most advantageous results. Minor investments in proper upkeep will help your new driveway to last years longer, saving you a lot in the big picture.

Homeowners seeking driveway paving in Chester and across New Hampshire can benefit from the complete approach taken by our asphalt company. R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC is proud to be your trusted source for paving services. Feel free to contact us today to learn about our comprehensive process and to receive a quote for your home!