Creating quality services for customers in need can prove to be a beneficial move for many businesses. You are there to provide complete support, and your clients will likely return for future business if you are able to meet their expectations. Customer satisfaction is the key focus for many businesses, yet few manage to optimize their services for the best results.

Since 1960, R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC has worked to deliver the best asphalt services across the state. If you are a homeowner seeking out quality driveway paving in New Hampshire, you’ve come to the right place! Our local paving company works to provide the best possible results for each site we step foot upon, and our complete approach to quality helps ensure that your customer needs are met both now and in the future.

Today, we’ll briefly highlight the value of three of our most commonly requested services. If you’re ready to make big changes for your property, be sure to contact our paving company for assistance!

Driveway Paving

Our asphalt contractors have the tools and skills needed to provide amazing results for your driveway in no time at all. R. Cooper & Sons Paving will work with you through every step of our paving process, from the initial inspection and consultation to surface sealant and more. We’ll provide honest, reliable advice through each stage of construction to ensure that you are left with a product that exceeds your expectations.

Building a new driveway is no small task, but our paving company will work hard to deliver a surface that meets your property needs perfectly while staying within budget. We’re proud to be your source for quality outcomes, and our contractors are standing by to help you get started!

Driveway Sealcoating

While asphalt is designed to perform excellently year after year, it does feature exposed surfaces and small gaps. Our paving contractors can finish your project with driveway sealcoating services, working to create a uniform surface for your investment that looks great and lasts longer.

Line Striping

After the fresh mat has been laid and paved for your property, you will be left with a flawlessly clean flat and clean surface. While simple driveway paving is normal for New Hampshire homeowners, commercial sites, private roads, and more can all benefit from quality line striping services. R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC has worked for years to create the best outcomes for all projects, providing striping services and asphalt finishing to clearly mark your new surfaces. Parking stripes, fire zones, curbs, roadway markings, and more all rely on professional contractors to ensure an accurate and clean finish on the first try.

Hiring skilled line stripers will do much to impact the final result of your project, so be sure to reach out to a paving company such as R. Cooper & Sons Paving for the best outcome!

Asphalt Repairs

Over time, the heavy use sustained by your asphalt driveway may result in minor damages. R. Cooper & Sons Paving is here to provide the maintenance needed to keep your investment safe and sound for years to come. Our asphalt repair team will arrive on time to provide a full plan for how to best remedy your blacktop. From minor cracks to large potholes, our paving contractors can provide the best results for nearly any problem!

Asphalt Resurfacing

Over time, continual wear and tear can result in exposed aggregates and dry the oils within. In some cases, asphalt resurfacing may be the best service to restore your driveway’s beauty without needing a full-depth replacement. Instead of laying down two or more lifts to create your pavement, resurfacing relies on paving over an existing layer that is found to be structurally sound. Our asphalt pavers will lay a tack coat over the surface of your existing driveway, and it’s off to the races! This option is much more cost-effective compared to new driveway paving services.

For more than half a century, R. Cooper & Sons Paving, LLC has worked to provide the best results for all of our customers. We specialize in driveway paving across New Hampshire, but our team also excels in other useful services. Contact us today to learn more and to receive your project estimate!